We have a small team with grand ambitions!

We are a small team of dedicated developers who love what we do. Our aim is to produce over time, an awesome library of more than useful WordPress plug-ins with functions and abilities to capture the imagination, improve productivity and spark your imagination.

Our smaller plug-ins will always be FREE to use but if you want to donate a little bit we will of course always welcome this.

However, some of the more involved plug-ins, which take more time and effort to produce will have a “Pro” version with more facilities for a very reasonable fee.

Have you got an idea or request…

If you have any ideas for a useful plug-in, please let us know. If it is worth developing we will consider tackling it.

Keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our mailing list to be one of the first to know when we release anything new.

Our Team

We have a global team working in all four corners of the world, most working from home or a mobile office. Basically, most time zones are covered.

If you are a talented WordPress engineer and want to join our team, please get in touch. There may be an opening for you!


W. Holmes & M. Hamza