Collapse Admin Side Menu

This plug-in creates a switch to collapse your admin sidebar by default, in order to enable more working space for your laptop or tablet, with an added bonus of a bespoke colors palette for your admin top bar and top menus.


Collapse Admin Side Menu has been developed for tablet and laptop users who regulary use the admin area of their Word Press website but find there is not really enough screen space to comfortably work with. With this lightweight plug-in, you can simply set your work environment to have the admin side bar collapsed or expanded by default by the use of a simple switch.

Once collapsed, you can continue to work using the admin icons and enjoy the extra space given. If you move onto a desktop which has more screen real estate, simply switch the plugin back to expanded by default. This plug-in will save you time collapsing and expanding the menu unnecessarily as you work. Simple.

As a bonus, we have included in the plug-in, some colour palette switches that enable the you to create your own colour styles to match your project for the Top Bar Background, Text, Icons, plus the drop down menu background and it’s text.

PRO VERSION – Coming Soon.

We are developing a PRO version for collaborators of Word-Press websites whereby, each logged in user’s settings of the admin menu switch, will be stored with their profile. This will mean that different users of the admin area will have their own admin menu settings when they are logged in and not potentially annoy other users by having their own settings forced onto others. Please leave a comment if you have thoughts on this or think it would be of use to you and your project.

Major features of this plug-in include:

  • Provides a simple switch to collapse by default or expand by default the admin side bar.
  • Provides a simple bespoke colour pallet to enhance your admin Top Bar to match your feelings or project.
  • The menu settings can be found in the admin/tools menu.